E5 Process Summer Show – Surface and Light II

Back in July E5 Process set up their summer show, Surface and Light II, at the Pequeño Bar in Stoke Newington. A series of works from photographic mediums were put on show – for one night only! The exhibition was warmly received by the public, but for those of you that missed it we have some photos below of behind the scenes and the night itself – Enjoy! Exhibiting: Tina…

London Pinhole Festival 2017 – Main Exhibition

As you pinhole fanatics will know, the other week was the London Pinhole Festival. Friend of E5 Process, Ben Bradish, had two pieces of work accepted into the Main Exhibition, at Four Courners Gallery. Here is a look at them both:       Well done Ben!


Yes, you might of guessed it…. we at E5 Process love the Wet Plate Collodion photography. Again we have been lucky enough to have John Brewer down, teaching his masterclass during another weekend workshop. Here our some of the best bits from the weekend, enjoy!                                                

Time: A Sonic Vigil

'What, then, is time? If no one asks me, I know what it. is If I wish to explain it, to him who asks me, I do not know' (St Augustine, AD401)   Recently Friends of E5 Process Doug Nicolson, Tina Rowe and Guy Paterson collaberated with Breathing SPace Collective, to bring you Time: A Sonic Vigil. The performance included a series of Pinhole Photographs, Wet Plate Projections and a…

E5 Process & Al Jazeera English

Hello all – its been a while since we last posted! Towards the end of last year, Al Jazeera English got in touch with us at E5 about filming a few sequences for two up and coming documentaries they had planned for 2017. The documentaires traced the historical trajectories of US and European Politics in the post-WW2 era, exploring the rise of the Far-right in Europe, and, the polarisation in…

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