Time: A Sonic Vigil

'What, then, is time? If no one asks me, I know what it. is If I wish to explain it, to him who asks me, I do not know' (St Augustine, AD401)   Recently Friends of E5 Process Doug Nicolson, Tina Rowe and Guy Paterson collaberated with Breathing SPace Collective, to bring you Time: A Sonic Vigil. The performance included a series of Pinhole Photographs, Wet Plate Projections and a…

E5 Process & Al Jazeera English

Hello all – its been a while since we last posted! Towards the end of last year, Al Jazeera English got in touch with us at E5 about filming a few sequences for two up and coming documentaries they had planned for 2017. The documentaires traced the historical trajectories of US and European Politics in the post-WW2 era, exploring the rise of the Far-right in Europe, and, the polarisation in…

Surface and Light

UPDATE: Date 11th-13th of November. An exhibition of experimental photography practice from the E5 Process Darkroom Collective. Archive Gallery, Mill Co Project, Rose Lipman Building, 43 De Beauvoir Rd, London N1 5SQ. The Private Viewing will be open on Friday 11th of November, from 6.30pm until 9pm Opening times for the general public are Saturday 12th 12:00pm-6pm, and Sunday 13th 12pm-4pm. Come down and enjoy the many facets of what E5 Process artists…

More Wet Plate Weekenders, our second workshop with John Brewer

…and if you couldn't get enough of Wet Plate, we have even more pictures for you to scroll through. These were taken from our highlighy sucessfull second Wet Plate Weekender with John Brewer. FYI we only have one more workshop available for 2016, so if you are keen to get involved, then please do so on our workshops page!                  

Glass and Tin

Friend of E5 Process, Ben Bradish, has had a piece accepted into the 'Glass and Tin' exhibition by Don't Take Pictures. The exhibition celebrates this old historic process through a modern eye. Have a look through these cracking final 50 Wet Plate photographs. Well Done Ben!

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