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E5 Process Camera-Less Party

Oli Reddy shows us you don't need a camera to make great images

E5 Process will be holding a Chemi-Gram / Camera-less party night on Friday 15th February. Fancy getting your hands messy, then sign up here! The night will be run by Oli Reddy, in homage to Piere Cordier!

A Historical Process, but with a Modern Twist;

Tina Rowe Discusses her Smartphone to Cyanotype Workshop

Cyanotype – one of the earliest C19th forms of photography. Simple, cost effective, three basic ingredients… Smartphone – pioneer of modern day engineering. Highly complex, expensive, forerunner from Silicone Valley… …the two could not be any further apart on a scale of technology. Yet, after yet another successful workshop, Tina Rowe talks about the marrying


Yes, you might of guessed it…. we at E5 Process love the Wet Plate Collodion photography. Again we have been lucky enough to have John Brewer down, teaching his masterclass during another weekend workshop. Here our some of the best bits from the weekend, enjoy!                        

More Wet Plate Weekenders, our second workshop with John Brewer

…and if you couldn’t get enough of Wet Plate, we have even more pictures for you to scroll through. These were taken from our highlighy sucessfull second Wet Plate Weekender with John Brewer. FYI we only have one more workshop available for 2016, so if you are keen to get involved, then please do so

Wet Plate Weekender With John Brewer

Hey Folks, So we had our first Wet Plate Workshop with John Brewer. It was a fantastic weekend, with some great results. Take a peek at the pics below! Enjoy!

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