E5 process
178a Glyn Road
London, E5 0JE

darkroom & booking

Opening times

Monday to Sunday: 10.00 – 22.00


Our facilitates and equipment

e5process3B&W Darkroom partitioned into dry enlarger room and wet processing room.

– Enlarger room with red light includes a lightproof closet for loading films, three De Vere 504 enlargers with Ilford Varicontrast/de Vere Multigrade heads capable of up to 4″x5″ negatives, three Beseler enlargers, and a Cathomag cold cathode 8″x10″ enlarger

– Processing room with red and white light includes two wet benches, a large auto-flow sink, a water heater and filters, a large number of trays (up to 16″x20″), a large number of measuring cylinders and jugs, Paterson tanks for developing 35mm & 120/220 format films, and both film and paper processing chemistry (provision of which is included in the session price)


Colour and Alternative Process Darkroom with red and yellow light includes a “dirty” wet bench for chemicals harmful to silver gelatin, a large number of “dirty” trays and utensils for alternative processes, and an array of incomplete colour film processing and printing equipment (not currently offered).

The Corridor/Pit offers storage space for members in drawers, a UV light bed for photogram, a film dryer and flat paper dryers in addition to a large drying rack.

We have a single toilet and modest hand basin with water heater.

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