E5 process
178a Glyn Road
London, E5 0JE

members agreement

(1) No alcohol, no drugs, no smoking inside the premises. No exceptions. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be refused access or required to leave.

(2) Members must be over 18; separate arrangements are made for “Junior Members.”

(3) The Darkroom’s opening hours are from 10am to 10pm, strictly. The Darkroom is operated and maintained by volunteers so your understanding that we are not “On Demand” is appreciated. At busy periods the 3x four hour sessions are 10am to 2pm, 2pm to 6pm, and 6pm to 10pm. At quieter times flexible session times are available. We are not always open.

(4) All members must sign in and sign out of the Darkroom in the Reception book.

(5) Access is dependent upon payment of session fee in full and in advance.

(6) Members are not entitled to bring visitors to work in the darkroom; however tours of the facilities are permitted with the discretion of the keyholder present.

(7) You will be left alone in the darkroom. You are expected to respect the property and equipment, but you are not expected to defend the property. Call or at least message the volunteer who let you in for your session if there are any problems.

(8) Please do not leave the darkroom open while unattended. If for example you have to pop to the shops, please do so one person at a time. If you have to leave before your volunteer returns to lock up, please lock the glass doors behind you and message your volunteer.

(9) You must be ready to leave the premises at closing time. Be considerate of the volunteer who is locking up.

(10) Members are encouraged to finish fifteen minutes before they plan to leave/half an hour before closing time to clear away and clean the chemistry and equipment used in their session and any other items left by others.

(11) Due to the volunteer nature of the Darkroom operation you must book a minimum of two days in advance on ContactE5Process@gmail.com. We operate an availability calendar at http://teamup.com/ks0384aa50c5e8d6b7 which you should consult and if you book further in advance we are more likely to be able to provide access at a time suitable for you.

(12) Please respect block bookings and community engagement events that will affect our availability for up to two weekends and four evenings a month. It is not currently possible to arrange access to the Darkroom on these days, even in the evenings.

(13) All members must be able to demonstrate basic proficiency in processing (DEV-STOP-FIX) film and paper and have the discipline to rinse out the equipment they use before and afterwards. Please consult the quick guides posted on the walls to avoid any confusion.

(14) Deals are available for monthly use only after new members have spent 16 hours in the darkroom to the Board of Trustees’ satisfaction.

(15) Please don’t change anything on the enlargers without guidance from a volunteer – they are temperamental.

(16) Developers and fix are provided free of charge and clearly labelled (do please clarify with your volunteer if there is any uncertainty). No other material is provided. All other chemistry left in the darkroom is the personal property of other members.

(17) The darkroom must be left clean and tidy at the end of your session: both the wet and dry rooms, with all electrical items switched off including water heater and radiators.

(18) Please put away dry items on the draining board before adding your wet, rinsed items.

(19) No materials are to be left in the darkroom except for personal chemistry which may remain on the shelves of the wet room once clearly labelled. This is left at your own risk. All other items will be taken from the darkroom and no liability will be accepted by the Darkroom for their loss (although they will probably be in a plastic tub in the corridor).

(20) Paper etc. can be left, clearly labelled, in the drawers indicated outside the darkroom. Bulky items by prior arrangement only please.

(21) This is a public access darkroom. The Darkroom takes no responsibility or liability for personal property of any kind left in the premises.

(22) The darkroom is unsupervised. Any “experts” are there by coincidence only. Advice should only be sought, or given, by mutual agreement!

(23) Do not ignore any faults or breakages. Please note any problems in the Fault Book before leaving and the volunteers will endeavour to improve the darkroom before your next visit. You can record breakages anonymously with no blame attributed. However, donations towards replacement/repair are appreciated!

(24) The darkroom has a first aid kit, an eye wash and fire extinguishers. Members should familiarise themselves with the locations of these items and be aware of the correct way to use them.

(25) Members should be aware of the nearest fire exits. There are two routes out of the main darkroom, and one out of the dirty darkroom and corridor.

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