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One-to-one Introduction to Colour Printing

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Introduction to Colour Printing (1-to-1)

Many photographers prefer printing from colour-negative film because of its flexibility, simplicity, and superb reproduction of both subtle and vibrant colours. On this 1-to-1 printing workshop, you will learn how to produce colour photographs using the C-Type process and feel confident in the darkroom using specialist equipment.

Topics covered will include:

  • Creating a contact sheet from a set of colour negatives
  • How to make test strips from a negative and assess them
  • How to correct colour casts’ using the enlarger’s colour filters
  • Enlarging your negatives to produce colour prints.

We ask that you bring a set of colour negatives to work with; 35mm, 120 or 5×4 formats (we can also show you how to process colour film if desired). We will supply the necessary chemicals and colour paper for printing.

Dates:                                     Time: 10am-4pm (1 Day)           Cost: £125

  • 16th Jan (Sunday)
  • 23rd Jan (Sunday)
  • 30th Jan (Sunday)
  • 06th Feb (Sunday)
  • 13th Feb (Sunday)

Note: Though not essential, we suggest that anyone doing the course should have some B&W darkroom experience. Ideally, you should be familiar with using an enlarger and working with light sensitive material.

Weekday Courses: Colour Darkroom courses can be arranged during the week. The course start date, length, and content can be tailored to suit the needs of individuals. To discuss this further, please contact Chris directly.

Number of participants: 1 person

Tutor: Chris Ould

Contact: coldey@aol.com / 07790 973316 (Please contact Chris to confirm dates & arrange booking)

Tutor Profile: Chris is an artist and experienced tutor who has worked within the photography department at UAL Central St. Martin’s College for over 15 years. Since graduating from the MA Fine Art programme in 1999, he has continued to make his own work and has taught across a broad range of short courses, BA and Post-Graduate programmes, as well as public and private institutions. He has also worked as a Freelance Lecturer, delivering talks and workshops that address colour management and photo-editing skills within the digital print arena to several fashion retouching companies, and has been a reviewer on numerous books on photography.

View his website now: http://chrisouldarchive.com/

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