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Introduction to Colour Printing (1-1)




Introduction to Colour Printing (1-to-1)

Many photographers prefer printing from colour-negative film because of its flexibility, simplicity, and superb reproduction of both subtle and vibrant colours. On this 1-to-1 printing workshop, you will learn how to produce colour photographs using the C-Type process and feel confident in the darkroom using specialist equipment.

Topics covered will include:

  • Creating a contact sheet from a set of colour negatives
  • How to make test strips from a negative and assess them
  • How to correct colour casts’ using the enlarger’s colour filters
  • Enlarging your negatives to produce colour prints.

We ask that you bring a set of colour negatives to work with; 35mm, 120 or 5×4 formats (we can also show you how to process colour film if desired). We will supply the necessary chemicals and colour paper for printing.

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